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Fis-edsolutions limited reports: as BBC suggest The Treasury has taken back £384m originally promised for schools in England – at a time when head teachers are protesting about a cash crisis

The Treasury has taken back £384m originally promised for schools in England – at a time when head teachers are protesting about a cash crisis.

The money had been announced last year to fund a plan to require all schools to become academies.

But the Department for Education has revealed that when the compulsory academy plan was ditched, the Treasury took back most of this extra funding.

Heads said this was “outrageous” when schools could not “make ends meet”.

But the Department for Education said the return of funds was appropriate if a project did not go ahead.

‘Extreme’ funding problems

A letter this week from Bristol head teachers to the education secretary, warning about “extreme” funding problems, also asked why the academy funding cash could not be used.

The Dedicated Schools Grant for England’s schools is about £40bn a year.

Record funding levels

Education Secretary Justine Greening has faced growing pressure over gaps in school funding.

The National Audit Office has warned that current funding levels will mean £3bn in reduced spending for schools by 2020.

School leaders say that their budgets cannot stretch to the level of rising costs and have warned of having to cut teaching staff or reduce school hours.

But the Department for Education says that schools are receiving record levels of funding and that a new funding formula will distribute this more fairly.


Fis-edsolutions ltd reports: school rates going to increase?

Schools are facing a £131m rise in business rates in the next five years – with bills more than doubling for some. The figures suggest that the bill for state schools will rise from £791m to £922m a year by 2020-21.

A government spokesman said: “We simply do not recognise these figures. In fact, state schools will see a fall in their bills of 2% – equivalent to £16m a year. The revaluation of business rates means nearly three quarters of properties will see no change or a fall in their bills.”

bbc report-Half of academies fall short on funding

More than half of academies in England have lacked enough income to cover their annual expenditure, according to figures revealed by ministers.

An answer to a Parliamentary question shows that the proportion of academy trusts with an annual shortfall doubled in two years.

It comes amid growing warnings about school funding shortages.

But Schools Minister Nick Gibb told MPs on Tuesday that school funding had been protected and was at record levels.

The figures have been revealed in response to a question about academy expenditure from the Liberal Democrat peer Lord Storey.

Funding concerns

These figures for 2014-15 show that 53% of stand-alone academies were recorded as having “spent more than their income per year”, up from 42% in the previous year.

Among multi-academy trusts, the proportion spending more than their income was 53%, compared with 25% in the previous year.