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Fis-edsolutions ltd reports on headlines of Education White Paper

    • All schools in England to move to academy status
    • New funding system designed to benefit disadvantaged areas
    • Heads who take over struggling schools given a two-and-a-half-year reprieve from Ofsted inspections, to enable them to turn things around
    • An end to the legal obligation for academies to have parents as governors in all schools
    • A shake-up of governance, with a greater obligation to consult with parents
  • Accreditation system for teacher training to be approved by head teachers – scrapping the current “qualified teacher status”.

Fis-edsolutions ltd reports – BBC Report Nicky Morgan states there is No Reverse Gear – Academies

Ms Morgan paid tribute to the profession, but said there could be no pulling back from the government’s agenda of reform.

The government has announced plans to make every school in England become an academy by 2020.

However, the scheme has met with resistance from opposition parties, teachers’ unions and Conservative local councillors.

But Ms Morgan told delegates the government’s plans would improve the education system in England.

“I want to be clear [...] there is no reverse gear when it comes to our education reforms.”

Ms Morgan also accused the NASUWT of peddling too much negative comment about the state of the profession, teacher retention and recruitment.

“If I were a young person making a decision about my future career and I saw some of the language coming out from the NASUWT as well as some of the other unions, would I want to become a teacher?

“If I read about a profession ‘standing on the precipice of a crisis’, would I consider a life in teaching? – no I would not.”

Ms Morgan went on: “The teaching unions have a choice – spend the next four years doing battle with us and doing down the profession they represent in the process, or stepping up, seizing the opportunities and promise offered by the White Paper and helping us to shape the future of the education system.”

Fis-edsolutions ltd – BBC Report Budget 2016: George Osborne to announce the end of the 3.30pm school bell

The Chancellor will use his Budget to announce a new fund allowing a quarter of all schools in England to stay open later every day

Fis-edsolutions ltd – BBC report Every school to become an academy, ministers to announce

Plans to force all schools in England to become academies are to be outlined in the Budget on Wednesday 16 -3-16

The Department for Education is expected to publish draft legislation as early as Thursday, BBC Newsnight has learned.

The move would end the century-old role of local authorities as providers of education.

An aide to the education secretary has declined to comment.

Back in October, David Cameron said he wanted “every school an academy… and yes – local authorities running schools a thing of the past”.

At the autumn statement a month later, the official document stated that the government wanted: “The next step towards the government’s goal of ending local authorities’ role in running schools and all schools becoming an academy”.

The proposals under consideration by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan owe much to a pamphlet by Policy Exchange, the Conservative-aligned think-tank, which proposes mass-converting the remaining local authority schools into academies.

Fis-edsolutions ltd reports post-16 allocation statements for 2016 to 2017 academic year

The EFA have already issued more than 99% of final allocation statements to school, academy and further education institutions. These were uploaded to EFA Information Exchange in February.

They will also be uploading the following statements by mid-March:

  • summary statements for local authorities (not including student support funding)
  • statements for special post-16 institutions (SPIs) and non-maintained special schools (NMSS) (not including student support funding)

All statements referred to above will be uploaded to EFA Information Exchange. They can be found under the ‘revenue funding’ folder under ‘AY 2016-17 (2016/17)’.

Please note all statements that have been issued so far exclude allocations of student support funding.

Fis-edsolutions ltd – reports on Information: national funding formula and high needs funding consultations

On Monday 7 March 2016, Department for Education (DfE) launched the first stage of its consultations on national funding formulae for schools and high needs funding.

The consultation documents and instructions on how to respond can be found on the department’s consultation website. The deadline for responses for the first consultations is Sunday 17 April 2016.

Fis-edsolutions ltd -Schools continuing to struggle with teacher and headteacher recruitment

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) has undertaken a survey into the effect the teacher recruitment crisis is having on schools. Nearly 900 school and college leaders responded, the majority of who represent secondary schools, both academy and maintained. Worryingly, 84% of respondents said that teacher shortages are having a detrimental impact on the education they are able to provide.

fis-edsolutions ltd -The government’s new schools tsar has revealed his blueprint for bringing England’s 5,000 academies and free schools to heel.

The government’s new schools tsar has revealed his blueprint for bringing England’s 5,000 academies and free schools to heel.

In his first interview since becoming national schools commissioner, Sir David Carter told TES of plans to identify the 100 weakest academies in the country and to introduce a new hierarchical system of academy chains.

He was speaking in the week that the government’s Education and Adoption Bill completed its passage through Parliament, paving the way for many more struggling schools to be turned into academies.

Academy expansion and rigour

Under Sir David’s plan, academy chains or multi-academy trusts (MATs) will be organised into four distinct levels based on the number of schools under their control. They will have undergo new assessments before being allowed to expand to reach the next tier.

The biggest chains will be directly accountable to Sir David and known as “system leader trusts”.


Sir David said that he wants to bring some “rigour” into the expansion of academies. “I am really keen to think about what growth and expansion means in the system,” he told TES.

But Christine Blower, general secretary of the NUT teaching union, said: “The fact that Sir David is targeting 100 academies for improvement is a clear indication that academy status does not in itself improve education, and in many cases achieves the opposite effect.”