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Fis-edsolutions –update- Primary school results

The government has announced that the performance of children in England in tests at the end of primary school has edged upwards. More pupils than ever have achieved the literacy and maths scores needed for secondary school, according to figures from the DfE. The results of this year’s tests, taken in May by all 11-year-old state school pupils, show a one percentage point rise in those meeting the standard in mathematics (to 87%) and two percentage points in writing (to 87%). According to the Telegraph, ministers believe the record number of children passing maths tests is due to a decision to ban calculators in the classroom

Fis-edsolutions ltd – article- Decisions on delays must be made by offer day

The Local Government Association says decisions on whether to postpone the opening of new free schools should be made by mid-April, rather than late August. A recent Freedom of Information request revealed that 53 free schools have pushed back opening dates since September last year. In order to minimise disruption, councils are calling on the government to ensure any postponement is made before national offer day.

fis-edsolutions offering-Offer a comprehensive range of operational and strategic financial services across all school phases;Please read on

§Offer a comprehensive range of operational and strategic financial services across all school phases;
§Provide a responsive, flexible and forward thinking service to meet a schools current and future needs;
§Offer interim management and finance staff support to address a schools short, medium and long term requirements ranging from junior finance staff to senior strategic financial management staff;
§Can provide your school with a standard, enhanced or tailor made financial support package;
§Can provide Financial Systems Implementation.

Fis-edsolutions ltd logs David Cameron: Every school in the country could become an academy

Every school in the country should become an academy, David Cameronsays in a move that would represent the most significant reform of the education system since the introduction of the national curriculum.

We want everyone to have a chance to succeed and education is the best way of ensuring that,” Mr Cameron adds.

“This means schools with strong standards and discipline, offering our children a firm foundation for future success. It also means giving great headteachers the freedom to run their own schools with the ability to set their own curriculum and pay their staff properly.

“I profoundly believe this is the right direction for our country because I want teachers not bureaucrats deciding how best to educate our children.”

Annal Nayyar Information: changing from a single academy trust to a sponsor-led multi-academy trust at 080815


Single academy trusts (SAT) applying to become sponsors are no longer required to undertake a separate application to become a multi-academy trust (MAT) through the Department for Education (DfE) significant change process. Instead a single decision for both these changes will now be secured via the sponsor application process.

Please note that the department’s process for making

If you are already in the process of applying to become a sponsor and have further questions about this, please contact the DfE sponsor lead that you are working with. If you are considerisignificant changes continues to apply for SAT to MAT changes that are not linked to sponsorship becoming a sponsor, then please refer to the department’s information on the sponsor application process.