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Annal Nayyar- Interesting article-Overhaul expected of local government insurance procurement

Government efficiency chiefs are seeking to overhaul how local authorities procure insurance, it has emerged.

The news follows the appointment yesterday of Michael Wade as one six Crown Representatives – business leaders appointed to ensure the government gets value for money from its suppliers.

Mr Wade, who helped restore the fortunes of historic insurance agents Lloyds of London in the 1990s, has been asked by Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude to bolster government efforts to squeeze further savings by renegotiating deals with major public sector providers.

However, because Whitehall departments tend to self-insure, the Financial Times today reported that Mr Wade will cast his gaze over the wider public sector – including local authorities – to determine if they could get better value for money by either pooling their demand or running self-insurance schemes.

Figures produced by the DCLG suggest local authorities spent £643m on insurance in 2011/12, but the Cabinet Office itself has no clear picture on how much is spent on premiums across other parts of the public sector.

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Annal Nayyar reports that – - Our services enable Head Teachers and Senior Staff to free themselves from the ‘shackles’ of financial management without taking away their ownership and control so that they can provide maximum focus on raising the attainment of every pupil.

Annal Nayyar and his team of specialist accountants  deliver  services that  enable Head Teachers and Senior Staff to free themselves from the ‘shackles’ of financial management without taking away their ownership and control so that they can provide maximum focus on raising the attainment of every pupil.

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Annal Nayyar and Fis-EdSolutions commissioned to project manage two Special schools to achieve Academy Status and then form a Multi Academy Trust.

Annal Nayyar has been commissioned to provide a full finance support package and project management of special schools who are forming as a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) in 2013. The package of service will also include commissioning of external services such as banking, insurance review accounting procedures for ‘fit for purpose’ status.

Annal Nayyar and Fis-EdSolutions commissioned to Project Manage conversion to Academy Status –Alternative Provision.

Annal Nayyar and Fis-Edsolutions have been commissioned to project manage the conversion of a Pupil Referral unit to Academy status. This will include full finance due diligence and commissioning and review of other required services such legal, external audit etc.

Annal Nayyar blogs-LGA plans new model for local government

The Local Government Association is set to launch a radical reform plan for councils that will outline new ways of allocating public funding and providing services, chair Sir Merrick Cockell has revealed

In an interview with Public Finance, Cockell set out details of the LGA’s attempt to develop a ‘new model’ for local government, which will be launched at its annual conference in July.

In February and March, the group examined five key issues for local government at ten regional road shows across England. Areas under the spotlight included the financial sustainability of local government, as well as the future of adult social care services and welfare reform. The group also examined what additional powers could be devolved to create an ‘independent’ local government sector, as well as what councils can do to boost economic growth.

Annal Nayyar- Council pension funds could be merged, says DCLG official

Government ministers want council pension funds to work closer together and ‘do not rule out’ implementing mergers of existing funds, the man leading pension reforms at the Department for Communities and Local Government has said.

Bob Holloway, the head of the Local Government Pension Scheme 2 division in the department, said discussions with the Local Government Association and others would begin next month on how to make greater efficiencies.

There are currently 89 locally administered pension funds in England and Wales, and Holloway is working on the changes being introduced to the scheme from April 2014 following government reforms.

Speaking at a Public Sector Pensions event on Wednesday, Holloway noted that a number of schemes currently collaborate and share services.

However, he added: ‘I have to be honest though, and suggest that ministers want to see more and they do not rule out the idea of merging funds to achieve further efficiency and improve investment returns.’

A roundtable event being held on May 16 would ‘get the ball rolling’ by bringing together existing examples of shared services, he said. A possible call for evidence to find out ‘the optimal size of am LGPS pensions fund’ could then follow.

‘All the evidence I have seen is that there is a tremendous amount that can be done and is being done in terms of collaborating and sharing common services, but there seems to be a very big obstacle in going that one step further and actually merging of funds.

‘Ministers do not rule that out – they want a proper discussion about that particular issue.’

Responding to the comments at the same event, Brian Strutton, the GMB union’s national secretary for public services, agreed there was a need for greater evidence on the benefits of pooled investments or mergers.

He added: ‘We have no reliable evidence either way in terms of whether fund mergers, LGPS investment vehicles or anything else results in better performance.

Annal Nayyar-Unions consider 1% pay rise offered to council staff

Town hall bosses have offered to prevent the local government pay freeze extending into a fourth year with a 1% pay increase, amid ‘extreme disappointment’ over trade union unwillingness to negotiate over terms and conditions.

Annal Nayyar-Pension Deficit increases

Council employers face the need to  meet a town hall pensions gap that has doubled to more than £80bn in three years, finance experts have warned today- article in Local Gov.

Research undertaken by KPMG, based on data collected by the GMB trade union, indicates the aggregate deficit in the Local Government Pension Scheme has increased from £38bn in 2010 to more than £80bn. This £50bn increase is largely because the values of liabilities, which are linked to gilt prices, have soared by 40%, while assets have seen a hike of around 20%.

From April 2014 town hall bosses must tackle the challenge of setting contribution rates which are both affordable yet sufficient to pay down the overall pension pot deficit.

However, with council employers’ contributions set for an inevitable hike, amid the shift from final salary schemes to career average pensions, there is a risk local government staff might leave LGPS schemes.